Project PockOps!


MultiMediaArt & MultiMediaTechnology, 2011


What the game is about: You are controlling 3 independent characters in order to reach an objective. Each Character has special abilities defined above. On your way to end a mission, there will be some enemies who want to be taken care of. The trick is now to evaluate what’s the best method to solve a problematic situation. So tactical finesse and strategic thinking are a mean part of the game.

Interface: Face and hit points bar of actual character in the corner up-left, next to him are character images for the other characters, clicking on a specific image will change the character to the selected one; by choosing a char with range attacks or medical skills, the ammo will be displayed in the bottom-left corner; controlling a character is easy, just pick a place on the screen, if it’s empty, the player will move there, if it’s an enemy, a context-sensitive dialog will open with an option to choose(attack move, ...) Actions and reactions will be displayed adjacent.


Stealth: small hp, fast, small range, silent attacks, healing skills, little rounds

Active: healing

Passive: stealth

Boatbot: big hp, slow, melee only, silent attacks, can carry the others over radioactive areas

Active: transport over radioactive areas

Passive: tank

Sniper: small hp, average speed, big range, loud attacks, many rounds

Active: scouting trough windows

Passive: automated self-defence against attackers

Each player character also gets the opportunity to reanimate his buddies once per sector

Enemies: each one has a cone of sight, average speed and small range

Story/map: Story is not important yet, map will be subdivided into sectors and each part of the story will take place in one sector The map is seen from side-down view, due to the iphone display

Technology: Objective C iOS Cocos-2D



Hier sieht man die Auswahlmöglichkeiten für die aktiven Skills des Stealth
Hier sieht man die Auswahlmöglichkeiten für die aktiven Skills des Stealth





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